Goodbye, Little Elton

My little ‘brother’ Elton the hamster passed away today.

I blogged about Elton (see entry 2 Aug 2009) and we’ve been keeping each other company.

This evening, when mummy wanted to feed him, she found him lying on his side, not moving. Daddy sprained his right leg earlier while walking me, and he hobbled over to have a look. Mummy place Elton into a little plastic container, and unfortunately had to send him off.

I miss Elton.


My 5th Birthday

Did you know that I am a Chinese New Year dog? That’s right. I was born on 4th February, and the Feng Shui people tell me that the ‘official’ date of Chinese New Year every year is 4 February.

For more photos, follow this link in MY ADVENTURES on the right.

2011 Chinese New Year . . . . .

Daddy and Mummy took me to Grandma’s for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner.

This is me, after a nice bath before dinner. Happy New Year everyone!!!

A Doggy Bloodbank

Daddy came across an article in the newspaper about a bloodbank in Singapore. He told me, my kor-kor had serious bouts of tick-fever and had to advertise for donors for blood transfusions in 2006.

Please visit this site for more information

Come See Me Search For My Toy . . . .

Mummy & Daddy went away to England and came home yesterday. I just know they hid my toy somewhere in their luggage, and daddy was recording my ‘search’ for The Toy.


Thinking of Bruno . . . .

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This is my ‘brother’ Bruno. He passed away on the morning of Sunday 7 May 2006 at Mount Pleasant Hospital, Singapore. Today is his 4th Anniversary. Mummy and Daddy told me that the day before he passed on, they had … Continue reading

Going Out – With Goggles !!!!!

Mummy & Daddy came home from work today, and told me that we’re going to visit Grandma and Grand-Aunt – yeah. Grandma loves me and always gives me an extra helping of apples. Yum Yum.

“Seatbelts? Check” – “Goggles? Check” – “We’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll”

“Did I just see something crawling? Oops, nah – it’s just a leaf being blown away. Heh”

“Daddy, can we go now? I’m hungry and if it gets too dark, nobody will be able to see me with my head sticking out of the car, wearing my goggles”

My New Goggles From Toronto

Mummy and Daddy went to Toronto, Canada over the weekend – and left me with Grandma at home. I wish I could travel with them because I love it when we go out together for walks, car-rides and visits to Grandma or the groomers.

Anyway, they came back with this cool pair of goggles for me to wear when we go for car-rides. I usually stick my face out to enjoy the wind, but sometimes it irritates my eyes. So now I can stick my head out and enjoy the wind.

Don’t I look handsome, like Chez Cruise (“Tom Cruise) in Top Dog (“Top Gun”)?

My New ‘Sister’

Fooled you, didn’t I? Hee Hee

Mummy’s office colleague gave her this lil fake (ahem) corgi for her birthday. It gave me quite a scare at first. But Mummy and Daddy assured me that I was still their Dar-Dar Sweetheart.

Read more about it here

My 4th Birthday

Today is my 4th Birthday (Happy Birthday, to me . . . . . ) As usual, Mummy and Daddy made it very special for me this year. We celebrated by birthday at Grandma’s and Grand-Aunt’s home.

For more on my birthday, visit my Journal